Benedict cumberbatch dating lupita. Chiwetel Ejiofor; Lupita nyong’o present together at sags

Follow Metro. Now we know that within the next days we shall be getting the new animated television series Star Wars Rebels, Episode VII and the first standalone film. What other treats do Disney have in store? Hours spent gossiping in the loos, Domino’s on the way home. The celebs party just like us at the Met Gala. Suki Waterhouse is top of the class but Katie Holmes may have to go back to finishing school. Any dreams of one day becoming Mrs Clooney are now well and truly over because Hollywood’s sexiest silver fox George Clooney is engaged to another woman. If you’re a Sherlock fan, there’s a strong possibility you’ll want to snap up these Holmes and Watson dolls immediately. Benedict Cumberbatch has put an end to rumours that he could be handed a part in Star Wars Episode 7. That certainly seems to be the rumour floating around the internet today as The Hollywood Reporter pop out another rumour for the mill and suggest that actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers could be about to enter the galaxy far, far away as a descendant of the legendary character Obi-Wan Kenobi.

12 Years a Slave

Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor says he was “not prepared” to watch for the first time “12 Years a Slave”, the film which marked a turning point in his career. Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has responded to accusations of sexual harassment made by Lupita Nyong’o saying he “has a different recollection of the events” that came to light in a op-ed piece penned by the Academy Award-winning actor.

News 12 Years a Slave 12 Years a Slave. Harvey Weinstein responds to Lupita Nyong’o’s harassment accusations Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has responded to accusations of sexual harassment made by Lupita Nyong’o saying he “has a different recollection of the events” that came to light in a op-ed piece penned by the Academy Award-winning actor.

Tears and triumph as Lupita Nyong’o accepts her Best Supporting Actress Oscar with (back row) actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Lupita Nyong’o, Chiwetel Ejiofor​, 12 Years actor Chiwetel Ejiofor with girlfriend Sari Mercer.

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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor. Both studios have begun pre-production on parallel film adaptations of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book. It is scheduled to come out a year after Disney’s, which is already almost fully cast and nearly ready to go into production, with an Oct. But better late than never, Warner Bros. Over the past few months, the pressure has been on at Warner Bros. Cumberbatch is known primarily for his role as Sherlock Holmes in BBC’s “Sherlock,” the immensely successful modern-day retelling of the classic detective stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, although he has won popular and critical acclaim in a large number of roles as well.

However, she is forbidden to date until the most hated girl in school, her Benedict Cumberbatch, Brad Pitt, and newcomer Lupita Nyong’o.

Thorin Oakenshield and his mighty band of dwarves, along with Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf, continue their crusade to reclaim Erebor from the dragon Smaug in this fantasy that picks up where the events of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” left off. When a villainous octopus named Dave hatches a plan to eliminate the penguins, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private must team up with a clandestine animal organization known as North Wind to thwart the diabolical plot.

Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Sign up to get started Login About My Watchlist. Recommendations Discover Listings News. Penguins of Madagascar FXX When a villainous octopus named Dave hatches a plan to eliminate the penguins, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private must team up with a clandestine animal organization known as North Wind to thwart the diabolical plot.

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Benedict Cumberbatch to voice Jungle Book’s Shere Khan

Fassbender is said to have been romancing his co-star on and off in recent months but he is now keen to show her he is serious about their relationship. Fassbender, 36, is said to have been romancing his co-star on and off in recent months but he is now keen to show her he is serious about their relationship, reported Contactmusic. In September during the Toronto Film Festival they had a brief romance.

BLACK PANTHER [Blu-ray]: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, DOCTOR STRANGE [Blu-ray] by Benedict Cumberbatch Blu-ray $ Parents Strongly Cautioned; Studio: MARVEL; DVD Release Date: May

Benedict Cumberbatch , in full Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch , born July 19, , London, England , acclaimed British motion-picture, theatre , and television actor known for his portrayals of intelligent, often upper-crust characters, for his deep resonant voice, and for his distinctive name. He gained widespread popularity playing a modern Sherlock Holmes in the television series Sherlock — and subsequently garnered a succession of substantial roles in mainstream features.

He took a year off between school and university, during which he taught English to Tibetan Buddhist monks in India. He became a familiar face on television as well, playing supporting roles in series such as Tipping the Velvet and Silent Witness both , Fortysomething , and To the Ends of the Earth He earned rave reviews for his work and won several major theatrical awards, including the Olivier Award in Britain.

Cumberbatch achieved a new level of fame as the villain Khan in the Hollywood blockbuster Star Trek into Darkness His turn as Turing earned him an Academy Award nomination for best actor. Cumberbatch returned to the stage as the titular Danish prince in a production of Hamlet. Also in he appeared in the film Black Mass as a state senator and brother of gangster Whitey Bulger.

Cumberbatch then starred in Doctor Strange , portraying a Marvel Comics superhero. Aubyn focusing on a self-destructive English gentleman as he reckons with his past. Cumberbatch supplied his distinctive voice to the animated features The Grinch and Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle both , playing the eponymous curmudgeon and the villainous tiger Shere Khan, respectively. Credits from included Brexit , a TV movie following the campaign to withdraw Britain from the European Union ; The Current War completed in and released two years later , about the contest between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to determine which electrical system would power the United States; and the World War I drama , which was directed by Sam Mendes.

Benedict Cumberbatch.

Lupita Nyong’o’s brother Peter shares celebrity Instagram selfies

The film will be the directorial debut of actor Andy Serkis , who is best known for his motion-capture performances as Caesar in the Planet of the Apes franchise, and Gollum in Peter Jackson’s Tolkien adaptations. Serkis’s Jungle Book film will be one of two competing adaptations. Serkis’s Jungle Book film will hit cinemas the year after Disney’s, with an expected Autumn release date.

Benedict Cumberbatch has amassed an impressive portfolio of roles during his Star Wars Episode VII: Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie join cast – but.

Episode one features Chris and Liam Hemsworth performing together for the first time, alongside Nick Kroll. The second episode boasts performances from Meryl Streep and Benedict Cumberbatch. New episodes will be published every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with viewers able to expect appearances from a whole host of collaborators. The series promises many exciting and unexpected combinations, the biggest names in film, television, fashion and music coming together to perform each section of the tale.

The collaboration between the Roald Dahl Story Company, Waititi and his illustrious line up of friends aims to raise money for Partners In Health, a medical and social justice organization fighting COVID and supporting public health systems in some of the most vulnerable communities around the world. People can donate to Partners In Health by visiting www. Waititi was recently announced as the writer, director and executive producer of two original Roald Dahl animated series for Netflix as part of an extended raft of animated Roald Dahl TV.

Waititi will develop an original series based on the world and characters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and develop an original show centred on the Oompa-Loompas. This wacky, wonderful tale is about resilience in children, triumph over adversity and dealing with a sense of isolation which couldn’t been more relevant today.

This early training meant it was not such a leap to envision Partners in Health with my friends. Roald was one of our earliest and most enthusiastic supporters and never let me leave for Haiti without stuffing a massive wad of cash in my hand to put towards the next project.

Best Supporting Actress: An Interview with 12 Years a Slave’s Lupita Nyong’o

August: Osage County is all about the acting. That makes sense because the storyline doesn’t offer much that could be considered new or remarkable. It’s as big a downer as the pills popped by matriarch Violet Weston Meryl Streep but the quality Minimal spoilers. As always, however The actor’s transformative portrayal of Whitey Bulger reminds us that Depp, when motivated, can do impressive work.

na_popemass DATE 04/17/08 PHOTOG Sarah L Voisin Washington DC NEG Actors Chiwetel Ejiofor Lupita Nyong’o Benedict Cumberbatch and Sarah.

Kahn, 32, who has known Ms. He was being feted at a glittery, exclusive soiree here, surrounded by Hollywood luminaries. That Ms. She got teary in her televised acceptance speech, then sang and lit birthday candles at the after-party, still dressed in her turquoise Gucci gown. It was another laurel for Ms. As one of the five best supporting actress Oscar nominees, Ms.

In November, she was still coaching people on how to pronounce her name and cooing over meeting Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey were embracing like old chums. She has accumulated more than , followers on Instagram, where she posts photos of her starry exploits.

Benedict Cumberbatch: An Essential Viewing Guide

In a few short years, Benedict Cumberbatch has become a fan-favourite so beloved, he can barely blow his nose without the internet exploding. Following in the footsteps of his old pal Tom Hiddleston , we’ve taken a forensic eye to the back catalogue of the man you voted the Sexiest in movies. Here, then, are the great, the good and the very occasionally terrible entries on his CV so far Watson throws his genius into relief. He builds on his early smartypants work in Starter For Ten here to establish himself as the go-to guy for the stupidity-challenged.

The actor has us thinking first one thing and then the other.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor tearing up during Lupita Bradley Cooper and his date, model Suki Waterhouse, are amused by his “American.

Northup was put to work on plantations in the state of Louisiana for 12 years before being released. The first scholarly edition of Northup’s memoir, co-edited in by Sue Eakin and Joseph Logsdon , carefully retraced and validated the account and concluded it to be accurate. Chiwetel Ejiofor stars as Solomon Northup. The locations used were four historic antebellum plantations ; Felicity , Bocage , Destrehan , and Magnolia.

Of the four, Magnolia is nearest to the actual plantation where Northup was held. The Best Picture win made McQueen the first black British producer to ever receive the award and the first black British director of a Best Picture winner. Solomon Northup is a free African-American man in , working as a violinist and living with his wife and two children in Saratoga Springs , New York. Two white men, Brown and Hamilton, offer him short-term employment as a musician if he will travel with them to Washington, D.

Northup proclaims that he is a free man, only to be savagely beaten with a wooden paddle and then a leather strap. Northup is shipped to New Orleans along with other captive African-Americans. He is told by the others that if he wants to survive in the South , he must adapt to being a slave and not tell anyone he is a free man.

A slave trader named Theophilus Freeman gives Northup the identity of “Platt”, a runaway slave from Georgia , and sells him to plantation owner William Ford.

Oscars 2014: 12 Years A Slave interviews – Benedict Cumberbatch, Lupita Nyong’o, Chiwetel Ejiofor